Offerings of Support & Peace in the Midst

We are being called to step into the unknown like never before!

We are professional coaches, friends and co-creators of Alive & Inspired. It is our pleasure to share our work with you!

Alive & Inspired was born in 2015 when we came together to sit with this inquiry, “How can we be with all that arises in life?” We know that we are pure Essence, Aliveness. How do we cultivate this Aliveness so that, like a deeply rooted tree, we are able to take up space and expand into the fullness and joy of life as well as withstand the mightiest storm?

We were reminded that we have a well-spring of Courage, Love, Wisdom and Possibility available to us when we learn to tap into this powerful source.

Alive & Inspired offers embodied practices, small group and individual coaching, workshops, retreats and community to support people in creating lives of presence and possibility.

We welcome you!


Jackie + Ann
Join us for Fall Practice!

DIP Fall 2020 Series

We will be hosting 12 Daily Inspiration Practices as part of our Fall 2020 Series. You may register for each Fall DIP individually, or attend them all! If you would like to attend all dates, you may purchase the series at a discounted rate of $120 for a $24 Savings.

Upcoming Events

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Please stay tuned as we are designing our calendar for 2021.

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Daily Inspiration Practice – Virtual

Our Daily Inspiration Practice (DIP) is our core teaching and greatest resource for remembering who we are. Comprised of breath, mindfulness, movement, inspiration and intention, this powerful embodied practice strengthens our root system and opens our hearts and minds. The practice will include movement, a guided meditation, and journaling.

Alive & Inspired Virtual Retreat

Join us from the comfort and safety of your own home to connect with yourself and others. Drop into a grounding and inspiring embodied practice, learn practical tools to work with anxiety and support your self-care. Open yourself to the gifts of creativity and possibility to support your well-being. This three hour virtual retreat will leave you feeling inspired, nourished and replenished.

Alive & Inspired Live Retreat

November 2-7, 2021

Join us for our Alive & Inspired Retreat at the sacred Ratna Ling Retreat Center, Northern California. Learn how to access Courage, Love, Wisdom & Possibility, powerful energies that live within you, so you’re ready to face anything that arises in life. Reignite your inner spark, where your creative, playful and passionate self lives.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"


Mary Oliver

About Us

Jackie Priestley

Co-Founder, Coach

Jackie Priestley has been working as a professional coach and facilitator for more than two decades. She is certified through the Center of Excellence, Tony Robbins Breakthrough Training and Working with Women programs. She uses the Enneagram system to bring self-awareness, compassion and transformation in the workplace and in personal relationships. She leads The Excel Training program that supports self-mastery in every life role. She has facilitated trainings on leadership, personal growth and development and communication. Jackie uses her innate compassion, wisdom and humor to support her clients. Through her guidance they learn self compassion, clarify intention and take inspired action. This work is her life’s passion and her lifestyle. Learn more about working with Jackie!

Ann Patricio

Co-Founder, Coach

Ann Patricio awakens possibility and creativity in the body, mind, heart and Spirit. She guides individuals and groups to be present and playful, to hear the whisper of their life's calling, to welcome all parts of themselves, and to share their unique gifts with the world. Ann is a professional coach, a certified massage therapist, somatic educator and Nia teacher whose work integrates thirty years of experience in the healing and performing arts. Ann's work has been influenced by the Hendricks Institute, Strategic Intervention Coaching, Voice Dialogue Training, The Nia Technique & Lifestyle Program. She believes that when we connect to breath, body sensation, and intention we set ourselves on a course to transform patterns and ultimately connect to our Essential Selves. Learn more about working with Ann!
Co-creators of the Alive and Inspired Process, Jackie & Ann believe that in becoming fully present, trusting the body’s innate wisdom, and connecting to our Essence, we ground into who we are - resilient, creative, Alive and Inspired.
Alive and Inspired is an integration of the work that Jackie and Ann have been bringing to their clients, students and their own lives. The power of the Alive and Inspired process is going through the body to deepen connection to self, transform the patterns that emerge through the coaching and inquiry practice, and moving from intention to action. The creation of this process evolved as Jackie and Ann, long-time friends and now professional colleagues, came together with the intention of bringing their passion for growth and transformation, their years of training and practice, to the world in a greater way.